Gone with the Rain (2023)

Gone with the Rain (2023)

Other name: 微雨燕双飞 ; 风雨浓,胭脂乱 风雨浓胭脂乱 風雨濃胭脂亂 微雨燕雙飛 Feng Yu Nong Yan Zhi Luan Wei Yu Yan Shuang Fei


Young emperor assumed the throne in the early years of the Jing Kingdom's Anping era. To achieve the goal of dictatorship, the Marquis of Mingde, Zhong Yu Qi, and Chancellor Wu Lang provoked the assassins of various states into rebellion, making warfare and people's livelihood unbearable. In the capital city of Jingzhou, the niece of the sixth-ranked official Bai Wen Tai, Mo Xi, and his daughter, Feng Yao, are accidentally involved in the middle of issues.Country: ChineseStatus: Ongoing Released: 2023 Genre: Historical; melodrama; Romance;

Country: Chinese

Status: Ongoing

Released: 2023

Genre: Historical; melodrama; Romance

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